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Q&A for Sat Weekend report – ASB & XRO

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Q&A for Sat Weekend report – ASB & XRO

Hi James and Team ASB - Can I have your current view on Austal - it has rallied recently. It reports on 26 Feb. Would you hold until they report or do you feel they will disappoint again and would sell into this rally? XRO - Xero does not report full year results until May 2024. After disappointing the market in Nov 2023 in their half-year results are you still looking at selling into strength with a price target of $120 still looking possible or has this sell price target been lowered? regards



ASB: Our gut feel is they’ll report okay, recent announcements have been positive.
XRO: Price target remains $120 for us. We don’t see any reason to lose patience with this.

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Austal (ASB)
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