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Picking a healthcare winner

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Picking a healthcare winner

Hi MM Team,

just your thoughts on SHL AND HLS and your choice between the two, i think in the medium term both of these companies will still do well from all the covid testing they are doing. Also CGF, Do you think they benefit from rising interest rates and if so, is it already factored in the current share price??




Hi Tim,

I like both of SHL and HLS but at today prices I prefer HLS which  has corrected well over 10% and looks solid value under $5 whereas SHL looks capable of pulling back under $40 after “popping” to fresh highs this week.

As for Challenger (CGF) its basically trading at the same price that it started 2021 having ignored most of the recent swings in bond markets – not one for MM at this stage.

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Sonic Healthcare (SHL)
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