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Metcash in the Active Growth Portfolio

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Metcash in the Active Growth Portfolio

Hi MM, Metcash has retreated from its recent highs over the last few days. With the recent placement completed at $3.35 and shares offered under the SPP at the lower of $3.35 and the VWAP calculation set out in the relevant announcement, at what price is MM thinking of taking the leap for the Active Growth Portfolio in line with your update earlier this month? Thanks, Darren


Hi Darren,

A great question, we’ve been watching MTS closely day to day but with the market remaining firm and still challenging its all-time high were not keen to adopt an even more defensive stance. The stocks has performed well since the raise, investors showing support for the transaction as well as the backdrop of strong equity markets, though another test of its 3-year low ~$3.40 wouldn’t surprise.

  • We still like MTS as a defensive play but are adopting a patient stance at this stage for the growth portfolio.
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Metcash Ltd (MTS)
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