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IVE Group (IGL)

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IVE Group (IGL)

“Hi, I have watched IVE Group (IGL) price slip away. Should I sell, or will they have a good report??” – Graeme C.


Morning Graeme,

Obviously we cannot offer personal advice instead at MM we write about what we’re doing in the market. Considering the stock has rallied over 6-fold post COVID I’m not surprised by a few weeks pullback ahead of their results on Thursday 25th February.

As a refresher, these guys are involved in print marketing which took a hit during COVID, however they’ve come out the other side without needing to raise capital.

MM  remains relatively comfortable with this higher risk holding in our MM Income Portfolio and we think IGL will resume dividends in the not too distant future.

MM remains long and positive IGL
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IVE Group (IGL)
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