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Holdings MM is considering adding to into weakness

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Holdings MM is considering adding to into weakness

Hi, Regarding the Growth portfolio, quoting from the Weds morning MM report, "holdings we are considering adding to into weakness, similar to LLC last week. Cash is just the issue!". Just wondering which stocks MM is considering. And are there stocks in the other portfolios that you would currently view the same way? i.e. top up if you had more cash. Thanks for your great work! Cheers, Nick


Hi Nick,

Obviously the answer to your question is price dependent but on the buy side we would particularly highlight Ramsay Healthcare into fresh 2023 lows, around $46, Sandfire Resources (SFR) ~$6.00, Mineral Resources (MIN), National Storage (NSR), Worley (WOR), Treasury Wines (TWE) & Whitehaven Coal (WHC), however, if the stock has an active tag next to it, we are happy to buy here and now.

By definition, if we had additional funds to deploy, these would be deployed into this portfolio taking into consideration current weightings.

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Ramsay Health Care Ltd (RHC)
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