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Comments on a few shares: CTD, GQG and SEK

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Comments on a few shares: CTD, GQG and SEK

Dear MM Team, I would appreciate your view on three shares: Corporate Travel (CTD) - looks like it may have bottomed and some good growth prospects GQG Partners (GQG) - I know its a stock market stock, but looks like some good growth at a fair value and you get paid a great dividend to wait. Seek Ltd (SEK) - some steady long term growth. Would you consider buying back in and if so at what price? As always I look forward to your insightful comments. Regards, Charles


Hi Charles,

A quick update on the 3 stocks mentioned, nothing overly tempting just yet:

  • CTD – looks like it is “looking for a low” but we still wouldn’t be surprised over the coming months to see test of its 2022 low, around the $14 area, or over 10% lower.
  • GQG – Undoubtedly the best of a bad/average bunch (fund managers), however, these guys have actually been growing FUM and performing well, yet are still on the nose around $1.35 – a level where we see good risk/reward while the yield is appealing to patient investors.
  • SEK – We are comfortable having exited SEK in August, if the global economy does weaken we can see a test of its 2022 low around $19. Unlike CAR or REA, SEK is suffering from some margin contraction as they grow overseas,  hence our caution.
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Seek Ltd (SEK)
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