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Confused about MMs view on BBOZ

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Confused about MMs view on BBOZ

Hi James, I’m a bit confused and hopefully you can clear this up for me . With a volatile market for the rest of the year but still bullish . You are looking at buying BBOZ under $5.50 ? Couldn’t it dip under this Price target for a short term then rally to higher prices and we get caught out? Wouldn’t this play be better once this bull cycle is over? Awesome new website well done ! Cheers Craig


Hi Craig,

For a longer term position / hedge you are 100% correct but if markets unfold as we anticipate through 2021 the ASX200 will correct ~10% from new 2021 highs in the coming months, hence a quick foray into the BBOZ will add some alpha / value to portfolios – this is most definitely an “active position”, hence we do like it sub $5.50

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BetaShares ASX Bearish ETF (BBOZ)
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