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Active Growth Portfolio

Invest directly in Australian large cap shares and benefit from our active approach.

About the Active Growth Portfolio

The Market Matters Active Growth Portfolio provides an active exposure to Australian large-cap shares, aiming for reduced volatility. Returns will be achieved through a combination of capital appreciation and income with an overall objective of outperformance of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over the medium term (3 years).

Portfolio Performance
ACTIVE GROWTH PORTFOLIO 0.34% 4.06% 13.76% 17.33% 15.81% 11.48%
ASX 200 ACCUMULATION +0.92% 1.16% 10.66% 12.93% 7.80% 6.80%
VALUE ADD (0.58%) +2.90% +3.10% +4.40% +8.01% +4.68%
As at 31-3-22 Market Matters is utilising a new investment platform, the OpenInvest Portfolio Service, and will be replicating 3 of the Model Portfolios managed by Market Matters, namely Active Income, Active Growth, and Emerging Companies. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance; the above information is of a general nature only and should not be considered as personal financial advice that takes into account your individual objectives, needs or circumstances. The Model Portfolio returns are calculated using the net asset value at the start and end of the specified period and does not take into account any fees applicable to the Model Portfolio. Actual returns may not perform in the same manner as the Model Portfolio depending on timing issues. Distributions are assumed to have been reinvested whilst no allowance has been made for tax. The inception date for this model portfolio is 05-04-18

Investment Objective

The objective is to provide an active exposure to Australian large cap shares, with reduced volatility through stock selection, targeted hedging & managing cash. Returns will be achieved through a combination of capital appreciation and income with an overall objective of outperformance of the S&P/ASX 200 Accumulation Index over 5 years but with lower volatility.

Typical Investor

Investors who are seeking an actively managed Australian equity portfolio, looking to move to high cash levels when market risk warrants, are seeking medium term growth and are prepared to accept some fluctuation in short term returns. The portfolio can be used as a single investment solution or as part of a wider strategy depending on an individuals particular circumstances and goals.

Investment Strategy and Approach

Market Matters uses an active investment strategy involving a combination of approaches that includes fundamental research, technical analysis and macro-economic influences. Fundamental stock analysis, with focus on future earnings growth and relative valuations.

The investment Manager uses a technical overlay in two ways – to identify potential investments for further analysis and to assist in the timing of entry and exit levels. Macroeconomic and thematic influences, including the global growth environment, cross asset analysis and the influence this has on potential money flow, industry structure and position in the investment cycle.

Minimum Investment Amount



Like all Market Matters services, our fees are upfront and all inclusive. The models are charged at a flat 0.85% per annum inclusive of GST with no hidden fee’s, no brokerage and no additional platform or administrative charges.

Management Fee

The Management Fee is the cost of managing your portfolio, and includes amounts paid to both the portfolio manager for making investment decisions, and amounts retained by the Administrator for performing its administration functions. The Management Fee is based on your total account balance, including the portion held in cash. The fee is calculated daily and is deducted monthly in arrears from the cash holding in your account.

The management fee is 0.85% inclusive of GST


There is no brokerage charged on transactions in the model.

Fee Discounts

Invest over $250K and you’ll receive a complimentary Market Matters membership.

Investors with an account balance over $500,000 receive discounts on their Management Fee, as per the table below.

0 - $500,000 0%
$500,001 - $1,000,000 10%
$1,000,001 - $2,000,000 15%
$2,000,001 - $3,000,000 20%
>$3 MILLION 25%


The Management Fee includes online access via the web portal and app, along with comprehensive annual reporting for tax purposes.

1. Online Application

Investing in Market Matters Portfolios has never been easier. The first step is to open an account. In most cases this will be a complete online process.

Once the account is open, transfer instructions will be provided for you to deposit funds into your account. Those funds will be deployed into the portfolio you select. You can amend this portfolio selection at any time via the Market Matters | Invest Online Portal — changing the portfolio you are invested within.

2. Track Your Investments

You have access to the Market Matters Invest Online Portal, which lists your investments, their value and performance, along with insights from the portfolio management team. You also have access to an app, available in the app store by searching Market Matters Invest.

3. Adding or Withdrawing Funds

When your account it opened, payment instructions will be emailed to you for the initial deposit. You can add or withdraw funds at any time via the Market Matters | Invest Online Portal. Funds will be returned to your linked bank account once securities have been sold and funds have settled. There are no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds, no ‘spread’ charged by the fund nor any brokerage charged on the purchase or sale of securities.

4. Financial Reporting

Via the Market Matters | Invest Online Portal. Investors can generate reports at any time including; buys and sells, performance, realised capital gains and income details. Current positions and performance is also available via the app.  A comprehensive, audited, annual report is provided for tax purposes.

Access the Market Matters |Invest Online Portal Here.

Monthly Reports

Each month, the portfolio team pens a monthly portfolio update that includes performance and a brief discussion of key positions. We aim to send these reports before the 10th of each month however times may vary slightly.

The Market Matters Team

James Gerrish Author | Lead Portfolio Manager

James is Market Matters’ Primary Author and major shareholder writing daily content and directing the Market Matters portfolios. He is also a Portfolio Manager at Shaw and Partners, one of Australia’s leading financial services firms with approx $30 billion of assets under advice. James brings nearly 20 years experience,  holds a Bachelor of Management & sits on the Market Matters Investment Committee.

Peter Whyntie Responsible Manager | Investment Committee Member

As a Fellow of both the Governance Institute of Australia and Fellow and Life Member the GRC Institute, Peter is a recognised leader in the governance, risk management compliance community. Peter provides compliance services to Market Matters and also sits on the Market Matters Investment Committee.

Harrison Watt Portfolio Manager

Harrison contributes daily to the Market Matters reports and is instrumental in researching stock opportunities. He is currently a Portfolio Manager at Shaw & Partners having previously worked in the derivatives and risk team. He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney. Harrison is a shareholder of Market Matters.

Shawn Hickman Research Lead

Shawn is a macro-economic specialist with over 30 years’ experience in investing and trading having held senior investment positions at Goldman Sachs & Macquarie Bank. Shawn heads the Market Matters research effort with a particular focus on global investment trends and their influence on domestic & international equity markets. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Chemical Engineering from Aston University.

Vanessa Chin National Sales Manager

Vanessa is National Sales Manager at Market Matters and holds a Bachelor of Economics, with a double major in Economics and Government/International Relations from the University of Sydney. She has a Diploma of Advanced Business Mandarin obtained from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China, and she holds the relevant RG-146 qualifications.

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